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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Properly Prepared, Priced and Marketed Properties Get Sold - In Any Market!

It is a sellers market in Brevard County, Florida at this time.  Read the latest Brevard County, Florida residential market report here 

Even in a seller's market the job of selling is more tan a sign, a posting online or telling everyone you know.   Here are a few relevant factoids about selling your Rockledge, Florida home.
Real Estate Factoid #1:  Zillow is not the be all and end all in real estate market knowledge.  Neither is any other real estate expert web site.

The internet is a marketing tool that can be used as a complementary tool but not as the whole institution of real estate knowledge.

Real Estate Factoid #2: 
Selling a home is not as easy as looking up some estimate of value on the Internet and establishing your price.  It is not taking purchase price, adding maintenance and update costs plus a percentage "profit."  

There are local sales, real time competitive properties, current events as well as future events/development considerations and much more!   Sellers don't establish the price - it is the market.  The seller can only respond to the market's price.

Real Estate Factoid #3:  Selling a home involves real brick and mortar, drive around, look and see, local knowledge.  Buyers rarely ever make a decision based on a few pictures on a website with commentary about how wonderful a house is as well as the neighborhood, schools, amenities, etc.

Real Estate Factoid #4:   Sellers are competing with real live sellers with prepared properties priced to market within goals.     Sellers have different degrees of motivation as reflected by condition, pricing and presentation.

In a seller's market it is the properly prepared, priced and marketed property that get sold while others are ignored.

Ready to sell your Viera, Florida home?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fairway Lakes at Viera - Gated Golf Course Homes For Sale - Market Report June 2017

Located in Viera, FloridaFairway Lakes at Viera (Brevard County, just north of Melbourne) is one of two gated executive living communities offering custom built homes on Viera's Duran Golf Course.  The other is Wyndham at Duran which has a manned gated entry with homes priced a higher (custom built, with larger lots and more desirable views).

Fairway Lakes at Viera is convenient to Viera High School, shopping and restaurants at The Avenues Viera, Viera Hospital, Brevard Zoo and much more.  Fairway Lakes offers a central location with easy access to I-95 with Orlando less than an hour away. 

Fairway Lakes at Viera offers executive homes built by some of central Florida's premier custom builders including Toll Brothers, Christopher Burton Homes, Arthur Rutenberg and others.

What is currently For Sale in Fairway Lakes at Viera?

Currently there are five homes for sale in the Fairway Lakes at Viera development.  All of these sales are fair market sales with list prices ranging from $479,900 to $925,000.

The highest priced home is one of the largest with almost 3,700 sq.ft. under air and has all the best features as well as golf course frontage and more!

The median list price of homes fro sale in Fairway Lakes is $589,900 with an average list price of just over $662,000.

All of these homes share features such as tile roof and brick driveway, however the differences are quite substantial.

There are also another five standard listings under contract awaiting closing.

What has recently Sold in Fairway Lakes at Viera?

Over the past six months there have been a dozen homes sold in Fairway Lakes at Viera.  Sellig prices ranged from $410,000 to $798,447. 

More recent sales (since May 1, 2017) included these four properties.
  • 6585 Arroyo Drive - 2006 built three bedroom two and a half bath two car garage pool home with 2,234 sq.ft. under air plus golf course frontage sold for $470,000.
  • 3010 Refuge Court - 2014 built four bedroom two full bath and two half bath three car garage home with 3,168 sq.ft. under air with lake frontage sold for $550,000.
  • 6744 Matanzas Way - 2015 built five bedroom four bath two car garage pool home with 2,957 sq.ft. under air  with lake frontage sold for $612,000.
  • 2912 Emeldi Lane - 2017 built four bedroom three bath three car garage home  with 2,918 sq.ft. under air plus golf course frontage sold for $798,447.
For information on buying a home in Fairway Lakes at Viera or another Duran Golf Course in Viera community, please call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

May 2017 Brevard County, Florida Residential Real Estate Market Summary

Here is a recap of the Brevard County, Florida residential real estate market for May 2017 compared to May 2016 as provided by the Florida Realtors.

No surprised here with the number of units closed increased with higher selling prices (average about $250,000).  The number of distressed sales has decreased drastically with only about forty in the whole county.

The chart below provides a more detailed breakdown.Report for May 2017:

    For information on buying a home in Brevard County, Florida, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

    May 2017 Brevard County, Florida Condo Market Summary

    Here is a quick recap of the Brevard County, Florida townhouse and condo market for May 2017 compared to May 2016.

    While the number of units sold is similar to median and average sale prices are up.  The below chart provided by the Florida Realtors shows more specific details.

    For information on buying a condo in central Florida, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017

    When is the best time to buy a house?

    The decision to purchase a home is not a simple yes or no.  The factors influencing the decision are not the same for each person.  

    Of course the primary decision is one of commitment.   This particular factor takes many forms.  Probably most importantly having a house with a mortgage (most buyers) requires a long term financial obligation.  

    The financial obligation extends beyond the simple mortgage.  It encompasses paying taxes, association fees, insurance, upkeep and maintenance and more!

    Also a critical consideration is stability.  Stability in this context means staying in the area of your home, putting down "roots."  The acquisition costs, as well as the disposition costs, mean keeping a house for at least five to seven years is a necessity. 

    Stability includes other factors such as education and career progression.  If one is an entry level position and upward mobility requires relocation  then the time period needs to be a consideration. 

    There are other considerations which may limited by buying a house at this point in life.  A couple of key considerations are things like current budget/income and family make up.  Depending on area budget constraints may require the purchase of a smaller than desired house or an older property or one is a less desirable area.   And while no area is "bad," the realty of value, price and selling a house has one major impacting factor - location.  Is it worth the investment now in a smaller, less desirable property.  Over time houses do increase in market value. 

    Here is a trend line for Brevard County, Florida house values that shows long term growth of 4% compared to median sales prices for the past seventeen years (note the market bubble).

    The market/sales price and values are uncertain as there are tremendous influences on values such as schools, employment factors, interest rates, environmental considerations (roads, traffic), opinions, crime rate and much more.  No one has a crystal ball!

    The title to this post asked a simple question.  The answer is simple as well....

    The decision to buy a house now is a personal decision.  The attitude toward home ownership may be influenced by watching the struggles of parents losing a home which was common place during the recent bubble and crash!  can be a greater influence than anything produced by some marketer.

    Disposable income is offered so many options.  It could be the amenities offered in a rental community provide more benefit now than a house or neighborhood for the same money.

    For some it could be the freedom to travel and create life experiences are a more desirable option  than the experience of mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning!

    If you are ready to buy a home in Viera, Florida, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

    If you are ready to sell your Rockledge home and become one of the mobile RV crowd (or downsize) I can help as well!


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