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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Buyers need to impress the Realtor Too!

Buyers are making their rounds throughout the area taking flyers, making notes and comparing properties more closely than ever! With the large number of homes for sale, shrewd buyers are making the move, albeit cautiously! Now is the time when the buyer is being more critical of present condition of the property as opposed to things that can be fixed later. Over the psat couple of years sellers have enjoyed the luxury if having multiple buyers competing for the opportunity to "get the contract!" As the old saying goes "what comes around, goes around."

If you are a seller, be prepared have lots of lookers. Sure this can be an inconvenience but it is now necessary to accomodate potential buyers. How can you do this? Be available for showings during the "real estate hours." Most buyers seem to be in the looking mode between about 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., even the early evening. If you are going to be home, take a walk when the prospects arrive. If you have a pet, take it with you. Some folks are either sensitive to pet dander or even afraid of even the tiniest dog! Use all the tricks of the trade such as leaving lights on, brightly lighting the spaces. Potpouri or scented candles work great as well. Of course, avoid the presence of the greatest offender these days, tobacco smells! Other smells such as fried foods can be a turnoff as well.

Even if the propsects do not buy your house, staging it appropriately is important for another reason. You are also trying to impress the Realtor so he or she remembers your home and wants to show it to their next client. Why would a Realtor want to show a home that isn't on par or even better than the competition?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Take advantage of the situation!

It matters not what the Wall Street Journal or any of the newspapers say, real estate is a local trend. One area may be a buyer's market while others are still a seller's market. You need to find out what the state of your home market is and go from there! Sure, interest rates impact the market but the truth is the local employment trends impact home sales more than anything. After all, if there are no jobs or job growth, the outlook for sales (and prices) is weakened.

Sellers in this market have gotten so antsy that I have had sellers (with homes listed with real estate offices) drop off their own flyers, encouraging agents to show their homes. Sellers have to remember that price is the most important factor impacting moving their property. If you can not price a property right, who cares if there is a for sale sign out front!

If you are in the market for a home, I say "take advantage of the situation." Besides, one year ago sellers were not hesitant to leverage their position to an advantage!

Friday, March 17, 2006

What Sellers Want!

It seems that sellers all want the same thing - buyers!!!!! But they do not want "educated" buyers. Rather, they want someone to walk in, fall in love with the house, and offer an unreasonably high price, in cash! That would be an ideal seller situation! What do buyers want? Well, they want an uninformed seller who is willing to part with a property under market price, in move-in condition, with seller paying at least part of the closing costs! Again, an ideal situation. So what is a consumer to do??????????

Balance can be achieved by hiring the right professional. In this case it is a knowledgeable real estate agent, either a seller's agent or a buyer's agent depending on your particular side of the transaction. How do you choose an agent? Local market knowledge is the key. Make sure the agent has represented sellers and buyers in your area. Professional education is the basis to a sound real estate career but experience (i.e. success) in your market is the primary criteria! But where do you look for that agent? Ask friends, family, those with whom you come in contact daily. Most folks are quick to recommend an agent who has done a great job for them in the past. More importantly, they are quick to "un-recommend" an agent who was less than stellar in their assistance. A professional Realtor can balance the buyer/seller playing field. After all, buyers and sellers are not in an adversarial relationship, just looking for a win-win outcome!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They came, They saw, they left!!!!!!!!

With the inventory of homes rising, the competition has become intense to lure that buyer to your property. What can an owner do to make it attractive to the prospective buyer? First of all, if the property is priced correctly, buyers will come. Once they pull up in front of your home, the opportunity to impress begins. Conversely, it is also a lost opportunity if your home is the "dog" awaiting a "dog biscuit."

Curb appeal is everything. I have never sold or bought a home without going inside. If the yard is a potential cover for "Junkyard Monthly," get your act together. Lawns should be well maintained (i.e. green), flower beds free of weeds (a few new plants with actual flowers would be nice), and even a new coat of paint. Heaven forbid your home have mold or algae visible on the roof or side - pressure wash it! And, finally, if they do get out of the car, please ensure the front entry is clear of clutter. You do not need a prospect to trip over a flower pot or similar item. Want to make great first impression, clean that front door! Nothing sets a negative tone more than filth around the door knob!

Need more staging tips, please email me at or send a note from my website

Monday, March 13, 2006

Real Estate Deals in Florida!

I just spent the afternoon previewing properties in south Brevard County, specifically Palm Bay, Florida. This is definitely a buyer's market! I preview brand new construction 1800-2050 squar feet of living area for $229,000 and less. Some of these new homes are priced at less than $118 per sq foot. The times have changed in the past year! Three bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 car garage, concrete stucco, ceramic tile and carpeting, so much to choose from! The inventory remains high - currently over 6,300 single famly homes for sale.

Brevard County has such diverse areas - beachside, north, central and south - all have much to offer. Whether you want a condo, new construction, older established neighborhoods, over 55 communities, we have it all! New construction builders are making deals as well. The time time to buy is now! Take a look at and see for your self and then call me!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Listings, Listings, everywhere listings!

There are over 6,000 single family homes for sale on the website. This does not take into account the hundreds (I am sure) that are FSBO (For Sale By Owner)! Combine this with the 2,400 condo/townhomes listed as active and you will find a buyers market. This is the time for the buyer to exercise the leverage of having many similar properties from which to choose and anxious sellers waiting for that offer! Another item of interest - interest rates have hit their three year high - another market influence that does not bode well for sellers!

I must admit that I do represent sellers as well as buyers so this is a bittersweet situation! However my experience has been that a property priced correctly will sell at a correctly negotiated price! Professional real estate agents know the market and the market really does set the price. Buying a home unrepresented in this market can be a mistake. Similarly, trying to sell a home unrepresented (FSBO) can be a mistake!

Getting started..............

OK, so I have been a little slow to get with this "blogging" thing but, like they say, better late than never! As a resident of Central Brevard for 10 years and Realtor for 3 years I have seen major transformations in the local area. Whatever you are looking for, Brevard County has it to offer. I will be writing about the different areas of the County and posting so visitors to my website will get a feel for the area (from my perspective). Visit my site, email me questions about the area and I will post the responses here!

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