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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do you want a recreational Realtor?

The toughest thing to do in today's real estate market is to sell a house! The biggest mistake a seller can make is to hire a "recreational Realtor!" Is a recreational Realtor one who plays a lot of golf? Could be.... Is a recreational Realtor one who loves the Florida beaches and waterways? Could be as well! However, in this context, a recreational Realtor is the real estate agent who "plays at selling real estate." Real Estate is a vocation just as any other profession. You do not find very many doctors, lawyers, dentists, and engineers out there practicing their chosen vocation without a goal in mind!

Florida has some wonderful golf courses, waterways, beaches, and attractions so enjoying them is part of the lifestyle! Professional Realtors do find the time to do them all. How else can one sell the Florida Lifestyle unless one has personal experience with the Lifestyle?

How do you know if a Realtor is "recreational?" Ask! Do you work fulltime at real estate? Do you have a team of colleagues who work with you? Or, just as important, do you have a support network in place to provide assistance if you are not available? Also, ask about previous success in the market. There are other things that go into finding the best Realtor which I will comment on later. Suffice it to say that when hiring a Realtor choose a "Vocational Realtor" over a "Recreational Realtor!"

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