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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Market Issues and More

Am I optimistic?

Activity seems to be picking up although sellers are still leaning toward listing homes for sale at higher prices! The old saying in real estate is "Location, Location, Location." That is more true today in this market than I can recall! A home in Viera, Florida will just naturally sell for more than a home in the more rural areas on North Brevard County or in the less developed areas of Palm Bay in the southern part of Brevard County. With almost 7500 single family homes for sale in the County, pricing for location is critical.

Other issues that seem to be pressuring the market include homeowner's insurance and taxes. Some areas are harder to obtain insurance at a reasonable price..... especially "beachside" or even on the barrier island (Merritt Island). The hope is that with a gubernatorial race in the near future someone will address the insurance marketplace. Unemployment remains reasonably low and, as most folks know, employment is the major factor is determining the real estate market.

Am I optimistic........... you bet!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Use a Real Lender, Please!

When it is time to buy a house the second most important area of consideration is your mortgage lender. (The first is finding the right property.) Based on my experience in working with clients, please, please consider a brick and mortar real lender. Go to a bank, a credit union, a mortgage banker..... avoid internet bankers and fly by night (read as no track record, newbie) mortgage brokers who use some "invisible" lender. You need someone you can speak with, who is available to discuss issues, who will follow up and be there to the closing.

The most impressive mortgage loan officer/lender I have met is one that handled my own personal mortgage. He was there the whole way even coming to the closing table with me(us) to make sure all went well. I have seen homebuyer's wishes dashed a few days before closing and that is not a happy situation. As a Realtor I can guide you through the process and assist in the process. My success is achieved only when you close whether you are a BUYER or SELLER. Save yourself some heartache by chosing a real lender, please!

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