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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Deals on Florida Properties...... Rockledge, Melbourne, Cocoa Deals!

Almost 8,000 homes for sale in Brevard County...... Boy, what a time to be a buyer! Sellers are having to make a very important decision. Either understand the market realities or let a home sit on the market! No matter how good your real estate agent is (read this as "me"), if you don't price appropriately for the market, it ain't selling! I do encounter my share of sellers who in the words of Jack Nicholson "can't handle the truth," most are living in the present!

One year ago buyers were at the mercy of the sellers, and sellers knew this. The shoes on the other foot now with sellers being at the mercy of the buyers! This is just the normal cyclical nature of the market.

Want to see what is for sale..... and Gary Waters, email at agent@moving , is your key to successful real estate transactions in Brevard County, Florida!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Real Estate Humor..............

I have heard so much whining from real estate agents, sellers, buyers, mortgage brokers, etc these past few months that I thought I would share a couple of comments. First, an agent told me the other day that his income had dropped so much he was going to start charging admission to Open Houses! I thought that was a little extreme so I suggested in a tactful manner that he borrow the Salvation Army's red kettle (it is their off-season) and hire a bell ringer during Open Houses! Things are not that bad, REALLY!

I read an article in Realtor Magazine that suggested buyers are now looking closer to their workplace for homes. Seems gas has changed buyer patterns. Used to be that buyers drove away from the city to they reached an area where they could afford to purchase. I guess the price of gas has changed some attitudes. Either way, interest rates have steadied, mortgage rates are lower today than anytim in the previous 5 months..... Optimism abounds. Whether a buyer, seller or investor, sitting on the sidelines is not nearly as exciting as getting in the game!

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