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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Have you seen me or my blog?

Does anyone ever see this blog? Send me an email to and let me know, please! Check out my website at for local real estate information. Do search for me at to see my other blogs. I currently blog at as well. Need information on homes for sale in Melbourne Florida, Viera Florida or Rockledge Florida, give me a call.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Active Rain - A Real Estate Network

I just wanted to put out the word on a new, very informative real estate web site called Active Rain ( ). This web site features links to a large network of professional Realtors, home inspectors, mortgage professionals, home stagers, and other real estate related professionals. As a member of the public the access to informative web features written by these pros is a real tool that you can utilize immediately. Look for a professional in your area, read some of their blogs, send them an email. This is a service that has lots of potential. While you are on the net, check out (

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It is not all gloom and doom............

It seems every time you turn around you hear gloom and doom about the real estate market. Negative news sells newspapers as is evidenced by most of the mullet wrappers seen in print today. Who wants to read positive, uplifting news? Recently the local newspaper printed a story about all the condos on the market and the prices being down.

Just Saturday the paper headlined an article discussing the 5,000 foreclosures or pre-foreclosures in our market. Such stories always paint a negative picture. Now I ask you, what is the good news? The good news is that it is a GREAT TIME TO BE A BUYER! Who wants to buy a newspaper to read about how wonderful it is to be in the market for a home? If you are a serious buyer, deals are being made. With the inventory so how, sellers are negotiating! Need more information, email me at .

Happy shopping! Make the move to Florida's Space Coast.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Internet Buyers Vs. Traditional Buyers

I just read a newsletter* that stated 77% of buyers are using the internet. My experience is a little higher. It seems that 100% of my buyers over the past year have utilized the internet in some way during their homebuying experience. I must admit that my "sample population" is not that large (but it is growing!) and my experience may be be an outlier. According to the article 86% of buyers use the internet to find an agent; 75% to find the homes they want to see; 66% for financing information; 45% to find a real estate firm.

Also, most buyers seem to want a response immediately. And the preferred response by most is email rather than a telephone. What does this tell me? As a Realtor I must continue to utilize the internet to my maximum ability to grow my business. As a Realtor, I must be responsive to you the buyer or seller. Give me a call (or send an email ) for all your real estate needs!

*www. Broker Agent e-newsletter

Thursday, March 01, 2007

If Donald Trump said it, would you believe him?

The market in Brevard County, Florida remains a buyer's market. So you want to sell your home? How much do you really think you can sell it for? How do you know how to set the price? Well, one thing is certain, you can not use the "rear view mirror" approach, that is set the price based on what your neighbor got last year! Take a look at what the current selling prices are... What has closed recently?

The past month is probably an appropriate period to examine. Compare your home to the one down the street that recently sold. Does your home have attributes and upgrades/updates that the other house did not have? If so, add a dollar amount for the difference. If your home has issues the other home did not, then reduce your price. A Realtor, upon request, will prepare a comparative market analysis for you. Once you receive the CMA, be objective. As a Realtor it is my job to sell your home for the most money in the time frame you establish. If Donald Trump was the Realtor, would you believe him? Selling in a buyer's market is possible with the appropriate price. Good Luck!

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