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Sunday, September 30, 2007

An MLS entry is not Marketing

Yesterday my cell phone rings. After a couple of minutes I thought (incorrectly) it was another agent inviting me to his open house on Sunday. I listened for a while and then let the caller know I was scheduled for office time tomorrow...but I listened.

No, he was not an agent. I asked how he got my name and number? Simple, off my sign on a property I have listed (and under contract) in the area. Apparently he had gone to a limited service broker and, in his words, "paid a little bit of money and got in the MLS." Apparently that was all he got for his "little bit."

I hesitated to get into much of a discussion because he was "represented" by an agent. When I mentioned his status he corrected me, "no, he doesn't represent me.." At least that was his understanding of his relationship with the MLS entry agent. He mentioned how important it was to be in the MLS. I agree.

Then, I got my point across and he appeared puzzled....
I told him that "most" of my clients find me through the Internet or via referral from previous clients. He felt the MLS entry was the Internet exposure. The MLS system may be accessible through the Internet but it ain't "on the internet." I corrected him and advised of about 12-14 web sites plus several blogs that provided Internet exposure. I commented pretty heavily on the marketing required in this market.

I think this guy's eyes were finally opened...being a FSBO with an MLS entry is no different than being a FSBO with nothing else. I love when I get a chance to fill in the blanks....blanks the limited service agents fail to cover.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Want to sell, consult a home stager!

I had the good fortune of having breakfast this morning with two of Brevard County Florida's premier homestagers, Nora & Susan, of Homestaging of Melbourne, Inc. These two ladies know what it takes to sell a home - presenting a property with a flair that highlights its strengths!
In this market the competition is keen. It is not an expensive proposition but consider using a professional homestager. It may speed the sale and get you more money at the closing table.
If you are selling your home in Melbourne, Florida or anywhere in Brevard County, give them a call! Tell them, Gary sent you!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Viera and Suntree Florida Real Estate Offers Buyers Choices. By Gary Waters, Realtor, Century 21 Baytree Realty

What a time to be a buyer! There were about 450 homes sold in Brevard County last month. That does not sound like many but, more importantly, it IS MORE THAN the number sold in July 07. With an average selling price around $200,000 there are opportunities available.

With the hassle and turmoil in the mortgage industry over the past few weeks, mostly stemming from sub-prime mortgages, there are still good lenders with good rates available. Need to talk with a lender, give me a call. I can certainly point you in the right direction!

It is a great time to be a buyer. If buying in Florida's Brevard County, call Gary Waters, Realtor, Century 21 Baytree Realty, 8195 N. Wickham Rd., Suite 100, Melbourne Fl 32940 or phone 321-255-2600!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Money is a major issue to most people!

I recently heard someone comment that "we do not have the money concerns that others have." That is certainly a blessed position, for sure. But, the truth is, most people do have an issue with the money when purchasing or selling a home.

If you are the seller and have a mortgage, is there a certain amount that must be derived from the sales price? Do you need the proceeds to purchase the next home? Are you cash strapped and being forced to sell at a loss or as a pre-foreclosure action. Yes, as a seller, money can be an issue!

As the buyer, unless you have been lucky in accumulating wealth or won the lottery, the purchase price is an issue. Actually, I usually discount any buyer who tells me price is not an issue. Price is an is a major issue! There are costs associated with purchase of a home. Escrow monies, home inspection, pre-paid insurance, survey costs, loan origination, taxes for the escrow account, and more. And, of course, the biggie - the mortgage!

If yo have been pre-approved for a mortgage you already have an idea about your monthly payments based on a certain purchase price. If you have a loan officer who is worth anything, you will know what your upfront costs will be (within reason). If you have a good real estate professional, you will be looking at houses in your price range.

Depending on the market, your superstar real estate agent may be able to negotiate some of the costs associated with buying to be provided by the seller. There are ways out there. So, if money is a major issue, call a good Realtor. Need to be pointed in the right direction, contact me - Gary Waters, Realtor, Century 21 Baytree Realty, Melbourne Florida at .

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