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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Buyer Tip: Real Estate and Bicycles - "an older house beats nice new rental!"

I noticed a bicycle in a neighbor's yard recently.  Not sure which kid is the owner but it brought to mind my very first bike.  Actually it was my brother's bike as well.

I must have been about 10 years old and my father paid my uncle five bucks for my cousin's used bike. I wanted a new bike. 

Back then the kids were riding these really cool bikes with banana seats. 

Mine Ours was a cruiser - traditional, dated, a little bit of rust, similar to the one here but red (and, like me, not made for speed)!

Sometimes when buying a home a buyer must "get a five dollar bike."

Sure, there may be a  newer and more modern stylish home on the "want" list but not in the budget!

Perhaps something smaller will do, for now.  Perhaps something a little bit "used" will do, for now.

At some point in time you can move up to that new, sleek bicycle.

As for me.... I used that bike for years.  It served its purpose.

If you are a first time buyer, perhaps you should look at a resale that is functional and easily in your budget. 

There is nothing that says if you are qualified for $200,000 you have to spend $200,000!

Thinking back on my $5 bike I remember something my brother told me - "a rusty ride beats a well dressed walk!"  Sounds a lot like "an older house beats nice new rental!"

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