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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is it a bailout or a sell out?

I started this draft post on September 27, 2008. Now, a month and a half later I am going to finish it. The text in purple (not sure why I chose purple) is the original.

I am getting a little tired of all the debate by the talking heads. No, I am not talking about the television commentators - I am talking about the politicians!

Poor decision-making has led a lot of corporations to the brink of failure. Washington Mutual, who in my opinion has always provided sub-par service has failed. Part of me wants to say good, part of me wants to say that is bad. I don't know. And I do not believe that most Americans know what to believe.

Does this post relate to real estate in Brevard County, Florida? Not really but that is OK.

As I write this today, November 13, 2008, the election is over. The markets are still in turmoil. The bailout has not done what it was supposed to accomplish. I am still not sure what direction the powers that be are tasking on this.

General Motors is looking for a bailout. AIG took the government loans and have since been caught in a couple of extravagant adventures that appear to be wasteful. Chrysler wanted federal money to assist it with a GM merger. So, where is this going? Not sure yet but the thing that appears to be obvious....the taxpayer will be footing the bill!

So, what is the answer to the question posed in the title? We shall see...

Today is November 26th.... Let's see, last night I heard the President of the United Autoworkers proclaiming how his members are not the bad guys. This morning I heard a talking head on CNBC claim that this was not a bailout but rather the acquisition of assets by the government. We all have a "regardless of topic" as long as we have an interest.

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