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Monday, December 15, 2008

When something is said so often...

I was reading a article in an magazine this morning. The author made the statement that when something is said and heard so often people assume it is the truth.

That could be said about the real estate market as well. What are some of the things that fit into this category? It is only my opinion but....

  • It is a great time to buy a house. Only the buyer knows the real answer to this statement. You often hear this from real estate agents. As a blanket statement it may not be true. For some, this is a great time to buy!
  • Prices will keep dropping. The real estate market is local...local...local! What is happening in Maryland, California, Florida, even different areas of the same state varies. You usually hear this from the television talking heads or your local "know-it-all." Who knows for sure?
  • You can't sell in this market! If you are considering selling at this time, discuss your needs and time line with a real estate professional. Heck, choose several and get different opinions. You can sell in this market but you must be educated on your market and have your expectations well grounded!
  • All real estate agents are the same! There is no master cookie cutter at NAR or some state real estate association who has the primary responsibility for ensuring every real estate agent is outfitted with same skill sets. Not all agents have the same marketing prowess, Internet knowledge, people skills, negotiation skills, ethics....You get the picture. Sure, you may hear it said but those who have worked with real estate pros know, ask them!
Some things can be said enough to where one begins to believe the exhortations. How many kids have gone bad because an adult told them they were bad or would never amount to anything? Don't believe all you hear - regardless of the number of times it is said!

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