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Monday, January 26, 2009

December Brevard County Florida home sales up....

I just read an article on the Florida Today newspaper's web site. It was a summary of the December 2008 Brevard County Florida home and condo sales.

And it was positive!
Will the article be front page tomorrow? Probably not so here is a link.

Not steal the newspaper's is the scoop. December 2008 home sales were up 17% over the December 2007 sales. The figure represents 100 more than the 348 sold in November 2008!

Condo sales were up 10% over the December 2007 sales yet still is lagging in my opinion! Some will say these numbers are not that great however I choose to view it as a good sign. After all, interest rates are at historical lows and the choices for buyers are many!

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