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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I will not be an angry old person...I won't..I won't...I won't!

I went into a local Big-Mart a few days ago and the the greeter scowled at me. OK, perhaps that was only my perception but anger sure seemed to be the "attitude du jour."

For a second I thought... January, 75 degrees, sunshine all around, low or no crime, great golfing, Orlando 40 minutes away, beaches 15 minutes away, Port Canaveral and cruises nearby....

Upon reflection (I almost said deep thought) I had the answer.

They retired from up north down here to enjoy Florida living. They were supposed to be playing golf, enjoying the great sport fishing or playing bridge!

But instead they find themselves working - at Wally World! I would be angry too!

At that point I decided I will not be an angry old person!

Why, you ask? Easy...

I already know I will be working when I am old and I have plenty of time to get over that anger!

Actually, this is a serious subject.

Folks have purchased homes that have decreased in value. There will be no reverse mortgages as the equity is not there. They used all that "profit" from the previous home sale to put down on the new place. All that profit has vanished.

The market will come back. Until then, "Welcome to Big-Mart!"

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