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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trivial observations on a Sunday Morning in Brevard County, Florida

I always look forward to getting my newspaper and sitting down with my morning coffee. This morning's Florida Today newspaper was just as informative as always. [Please note that I did not make any judgment with the previous sentence!]

A couple of highlights and personal observations...
  • Matt Reed's "Housing market given no way out" article. Nothing but optimism in those words! The solution is to let the market fix the problem (buyers paying the market price to reduce inventory). That solution is not too complex.
  • Smaller real estate section. As the effectiveness of print media advertising has diminished over the years, thus the disappearing real estate section. OK, maybe that is only MY PERCEPTION but if you want to find a buyer - Internet exposure is the key!
  • Optimism can be found in the headline of the Brevard Real Estate column on page 1 of the real estate section. Cautious optimism sounds good!

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