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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can a real estate flipper still win?

I read a couple of articles this morning on the intricacies of flipping properties in the current real estate market. Everytime I see "flipper" my mind goes back to the days when "Flipper" was TV character!

I always place on the table a couple of disclaimers: (1) I am a Florida licensed real estate agent, not a real estate investor, (2) I am not an attorney. Opinions expressed are my own.

This is a challenging time for sellers. Likewise, it can be an exciting time for buyers. Many of the books on negotiation talk about having a key goal of reaching a win-win situation. In the selling process each party strives to get the best deal possible.

In this market I encourage buyers and sellers to not let greed (or pride) get in the way of win-win outcome [and a closed transaction].

When I was growing up there was a song that included the lyrics “some got to win, some got to lose” by Danny O’Keefe (1972). There does not have to be a losing side in the real estate transaction.

disclaimer 2

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