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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sell low, buy low…

We always want to sell something for a higher price than we paid. That is only natural – unless we have gotten our use out of it and can feel comfortable with selling for less than we paid.

I remember as a kid I had a bike. My father had paid 5 bucks for this used bike. It was used by myself and two of my brothers. In the end I sold it for a couple of bucks. OK, this was the early 1970s and a buck is not worth the same!

However, that bike served its purpose. It was not the best but it was my first bike. Homes, although much more expensive, are much the same.

You may be living in that first or second home. It may have been a “castle” when you moved in but now it is not as charming. It is cramped. You have one or two more children who are now even bigger! You have too many toys and not enough privacy. Maybe this is the time to move up! [Or, downsize.]

You may have heard how “bad” the market is from all your friends. But, the truth is, it is a very good time to buy if you want something bigger or even nicer for less money!

You may not get as much for your current house but there is so much more house to be bought for the current price! Take a look at the opportunities in Viera, Suntree and Rockledge, Florida and you may be amazed!

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