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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking the negative approach...

I was reading an article this morning by another real estate agent who uses the premise of looking for the negative in a property - not the positive.

I can understand that as a buyer you want to know what the drawbacks are about a house's layout, the neighbors, the traffic, the condition, the traffic flow in the house, etc. Some become overwhelmed by the location, price or whatever and don't consider the negatives.

I use a very similar approach when working with buyers, more frequently with first time home buyers. I advise buyers to consider three things when considering a property:
  • the "must have" [positive],
  • the "can have" [neutral] and
  • the"can't have" [negative].
This approach helps them focus on the "reality" of the property. Anyone who has ever been a seller (or a buyer) knows that sellers always focus on the positive. On the other hand I have seen some buyers who were extremely focused on the negative (while really liking the property, hoping to support a low ball offer!).

Putting it on paper sometimes helps to sort everything out.

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