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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to get multiple offers on your home

This is an interesting real estate time in which we find ourselves. The prices have, to put it mildly, plummeted (Is that not a lot less harsh than saying crashed?).

The current market, especially the central Florida (Brevard County) area, just screams to buyers that deals are plentiful.

Although there are plenty of short sales in Brevard County and foreclosures in Palm Bay, Florida , not every seller is desperate. Still, setting the price appropriate for condition, location, and market is key.

A home may have more upgrades and renovations than the other nearby homes but that may not increase its selling price as each neighborhood has an upper limit on how much someone will pay. Also, remember that when pricing a home you can not attach a dollar to sentimental value - unless you are selling to one of your children!

Your home's value is what it is - no more and possibly less next month in a declining market.

Now, how do you get multiple offers on your home? Price it very competitively, at the low end of the market. There is no requirement that you accept any offer on your house.

If you are considering

  • selling your Brevard County, Florida home,
  • a short sale,
  • relocating to Brevard County and would like buyer representation,

....give me a call.

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