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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My apologies to the "beet".....

Beets are apparently a much maligned vegetable. When it was discovered that beets were not going to be planted in the White House garden, beet advocates wanted to "beet up" on the First Lady. I guess the President does not have to eats his beets if he doesn't want to!

I have always told everyone I hated beets. On Saturday while shopping for groceries I purchased my first jar of beets. I was determined to try them. After all, how can one say they hate something and have never tried it?

I tried the beets yesterday. I am not sure how much, or if I even like them, but at least I have a basis for whatever the decision will be. Somewhere through the years someone must have told me how bad beets were and I believed them!

While working with buyers I occasionally meet folks who treat a prospective new community much as I treated beets. Why? Because someone told them they did not want to live in "XXXXXXX." And they assume they will not like it.

When relocating or buying a new home, don't rely completely on what someone told you:
  • Research the community.

  • Drive the neighborhoods.

  • Speak with local residents.

  • Visit some of the schools and talk with administrators.

  • Speak to local law enforcement agencies about local crime.

  • Check out the traffic during rush hour and the commute time to work, church or even the golf course.
Don't listen to hearsay...after all, if you make the wrong choice the embarrassment may cause your fact to become beet red.

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