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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The way we see ourselves is so.....wrong!

I find myself sitting here watching this show on TV called "America's Got Talent." I will admit, and can readily find agreement, that I have absolutely no dancing, singing or theatrical talent, so who am I to judge!

But do people really think they have talent when they do some of these "acts?" Surely, they must kidding us. They must have some two dollar bet with someone that they can get through the auditions!

Now, to my real (estate) point...OK, I am a full time real estate agent in Brevard County Florida so I must drift with the tide...

Sellers see their homes with no flaws. Some sellers fancy themselves as having tremendous decorating, handyman and landscaping talents!

Sellers don't hear the noise from that highway out back. Sellers don't realize the zero lot lines diminish space. Sellers don't see that bright lemon yellow kitchen as anything except bright! Sellers don't recognize that smoke smell or even the smell of that fried fish was last night's dinner. Some sellers believe their home is worth more than the rest in the neighborhood - and they could be right.

It is up to their real estate agent to be honest with them....

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