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Friday, July 03, 2009

What do you like most about your house?

One of the first questions I ask someone when I am asked to make a listing presentation is, "what do you like most about your house?"

I follow that question up with another easy one, "what do you like least about your house?"

Sometimes I don't have to ask the first question because many prospective sellers are quick volunteer their house's main positive attribute.

The second question is rarely disclosed voluntarily, if ever!

Sometimes I may not ask as directly as the above sentences imply. I may frame it in such a way as "if you were going to remain in your house, is there anything you would change?"

This is very similar to the old employment interview question "what is your greatest strength?" and the converse, "what is your greatest weakness?" [By the way , a listing presentation is my job interview.]

Why ask these questions? As a seller we must emphasize (market) from a position of strength. Likewise, we need to de-emphasize any weakness. This may be done via staging, presentation, a fresh cpat of paint or something. This is not saying we should hide anything but we can minimize some characteristics!

Besides, the rule in real estate is disclose...disclose...disclose! That is why sellers (in Florida) complete a questionnaire called a seller's disclosure (creative name, eh?).

Selling your Brevard County, Florida, home? Give me a call to discuss how I may assist you in this process.

Besides, you know what my first two questions will be!

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