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Friday, August 21, 2009

I have a gimmick…..

We all need a gimmick.

What is a gimmick? Is it some nefarious thing one whips up in the deepest darkest part of one’s mind?


According to The Free Dictionary, a gimmick is an innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget. I would add an additional phrase “that gets someone’s attention.”

In my business, real estate in Brevard County Florida, I am grateful when my phone rings (or that email comes) and someone wants to discuss my services.

They call for various reasons, possibly as a result of one of my gimmicks.

My gimmicks:

  • responsible professional service
  • local knowledge
  • a referral from a past client
  • achieving results

No, my gimmicks are not as eye catching as the sign guy at the corner of Murrell Road and Barnes Blvd spinning a sign for Little Caesar’s Pizza.

Nor as entertaining as the multiple used car dealers who sing, dance and turn somersaults on the television in the wee hours of the morning!

Gary Waters, Florida licensed real estate agent, Century 21Baytree Realty, Rockledge, Florida, serving Florida's Space Coast. Read my blog Florida Homes for Sale.

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