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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Political Correctness even exists in real estate marketing....I am so shocked!

We live in an environment of political correctness (PC). Violate the rules and you will get ostracized!

Perhaps ostracized is a bit strong but you will get attention.

Sometimes PC prevents us from saying what we are thinking, telling it like it is..or causes us to just ignore it.

Sometimes we just use euphemisms – using something a bit more mild instead of being blunt or direct.

I used to play golf with a “man of the cloth” and when he missed a putt he would say “beans” I knew what he meant!

In the real estate world ....

  • When a real estate agent uses descriptors like “cozy” it usually means large enough to sustain life – barely!
  • When you see “needs TLC” it means lots of deferred maintenance needs attention.
  • When a real estate agent uses “needs updating” it means "original 1970s decor with harvest gold appliances!

Sometimes real estate agents have to put a positive spin on the less than stellar property. Sort of like the old adage "she (he) has a nice personality!"

Of course, it would not be nice to write the narrative as

“What a dump! Never cleaned or had maintenance performed. Decorated in tasteless colors. Want potential…Lots of it here!

No, that would not be PC or kind! And as the title says...

Political Correctness even exists in real estate...

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