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Friday, February 05, 2010

Appealing or Appalling?

Is it appealing or appalling?  What is "it?"

"It" could be your appearance but then that would be a cruel comparison.  So, "it" is not your appearance! 

"It" could be your personality.  That might in fact be a fair question. However,
the "it" is your Brevard County Florida house you have on the market!

To state it as concisely as possible let us just say "It is all about the packaging." 

When you place your house on the market, if you have priced it competitvely, you have what I refer to as a golden period (the first few weeks) where your house is on the "must see" list of in your area or neighborhood.  

[If you missed the price, you may never have a golden period!

There are some things that can be easily done to enhance your property's packaging such as:

  • clean the carpet, 
  • landscaping details,
  • paint the front door, 
  • pressure wash the exterior and/or the drive way and walks,
  • clean the carpets,
  • get rid of the "junk", 
  • declutter, 
  • clean clean clean!,
  • hire a professional stager, if necessary!

Your house or condo has must to be appealing to be a serious contender in the Brevard County Florida real estate market!!

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