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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shutting the Door on an Open House - Good or Bad?

I hear real estate agents say it often, "I don't do them!" In this market you might think they are referring to selling houses!

I have heard real estate agents say "Open Houses don't sell squat!"  I hear sellers say, "They only help the real estate agents!"

Your real estate agent wants to sell your house first - but if a prospective buyer stops by, and is not working with another real estate agent,  your real estate agent must pursue a sale elsewhere - but not at the expense of your property!

I tell sellers that I will conduct them if they want them and if the property is right for an Open House.  What is right property for an Open House? 
  • Competitive price. 
  • Well maintained. 
  • Good curb appeal. 
  • Motivated seller. 
  • Good location with opportunity for traffic!
There is always some risk when having an "Open."  Hide valuables as things that may walk away! Your real estate agent does not know who is entering your house. 

Leave during the Open House!  Make sure the house is in top notch condition (stage it, de-clutter, price it right and make sure it is well lighted.) and go to a movie while the Open House is being conducted.

Your real estate agent will get the word out by the most effective means - the Internet. He or she may advertise it on sites like OpenHouse.comSometimes the newspaper is can be a good medium as well as simple directional signs placed at key intersections!

Buyers today screen properties on the Internet. Your price must be right to get them in the door - at an Open House as well as other times!  

So, will your house sell at an Open House?  Unlikely. 

The most likely first visitor to your Open House?  Your neighbors...the nosy neighbors who have never been inside your house!

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