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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Un-Real Estate Agent…

Everyone has heard the term real estate agent.  Many have hired a real estate agent as a buyer or seller’s agent in a real estate transaction.

Many have also hired an un-real estate agent. What is the difference between the real and the un-real??

How do you know if you have had an “un-real” encounter?”
  • If you listed your house for sale a year ago and have never modified the price, you have one! 
  • If you have had your house listed for sale and have never heard from your agent again, you have had one. If you have your house for sale and your agent does not call or email you at least once a week to give you a status report, you have one!
  • If your house has a sign out front and no Internet exposure (where the buyers come from!), you have had one! 
  • If you have not had a prospective buyer tour your home in a month, you have one! 
  • If the houses in your neighborhood have been listed and already sold while you sit, you have one! 
  • If your house is priced thousands more than better homes, you have one!
I will be gentle here but I must lay it on the line....If you are living with the conditions above you are possibly unwittingly being an un-realistic seller - a perfect match for the un-real estate agent!

This has been written with a bit of sarcasm and is not meant to be cruel. What is cruel is trying to sell your home with an un-real estate agent!

Gary Waters, Florida licensed real estate agent, Bucci Realty, Rockledge Florida working exclusively with Century 21 Baytree Realty.

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