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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Useless Words in Real Estate Advertising

Words do influence us. There are experts at all the big companies that make lots of money choosing the right words to get you to make a purchase of some product.  There are tons of books available on the subject of choosing words that sell.

In real estate the expert you hired is your real estate agent.  It is your real estate agent who is tasked with drawing attention to your house through various advertising methods. 

[My preferred method is the Internet because that is where the buyers are looking!]

This post is not about the right words. For that see a book like the one pictured on the left!  Rather, this is about the word you should not allow your real estate agent to use to describe you - motivated!   

Why would someone sell who is not motivated?   My experience as a real estate agent in Brevard County, Florida  is if the narrative says motivated there is something wrong like:
  • priced too high,
  • been on the market for ever and a day,
  • price reduced again but still high.
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