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Monday, February 01, 2010

What Exactly Are Your Expectations When Selling Your House?

When one decides to sell anything they always have expectations before they make a step. These expectations are the same regardless if selling a car, a stereo or even a house or condo!

What are these expectations?

  • They have an idea of what they want. Perhaps they have done some research, perhaps not, but either way they know what they want and it is likely higher than the value.
  • How much to advertise it for if using a service like Ebay or Craisgslist or Freecycle (actually everything on Freecycle is free).
  • How long will it take to sell? When selling a car or the time frame may not be an issue but if you are looking to relocate or having a new house or condo built, the time frame can be important!
  • How much they will actually take for it? Sellers may not admit it until the offer comes but they have an expected selling price.

If you are paying attention you will find that number the one and number four expectations are really pretty close…what one wants and what one will take, if based on valid research will be pretty close to one and the same.

When selling your house, it is the real estate professional you have chosen that is key to managing your expectations. Choose carefully and consider their advice even more carefully.

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