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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Happens to the Brevard County Housing Market When the Shuttle Program ends?

It is on the mind of many these days in Brevard County, Florida.  What Happens to the Brevard County Housing Market (and local economy) when the Shuttle Program ends?

There is uncertainty in the Brevard County Florida housing market - still.  Even though prices have dropped considerably from the unrealistic to the reasonable (attractive) prices we find today in Viera, Suntree and many of our beach front communities, some buyers are still hesitant.

They ask...what will happen as the shuttle program ends?  What happens then?

I have heard stories in the community about the prospect of losing up to 7,000 jobs.  The Obama Administration is hellbent on spending more for health care and little for future space programs.  The Obama Administration is planning to kill the Constellation Program from what I have read.

What will happen?

Brevard County will survive and, like most communities that face uncertainty, will rebound.  It always has, always will!  There was once the fear of base closures. That storm has passed for now.

While it is true that Florida has lost population over the past year Florida remains a great place to live and retire! 

No, I do not have a "Pollyanna" view that there will be no pain, no loss of jobs or homes but I remain optimistic.  I am optimistic because  Brevard County Florida is an excellent location to raise a family, retire, a great place for entrepreneurs to start the next Harris Corporation or Space Program!

Besides, with Orlando only 40 miles to our west, and the Atlantic Ocean on our east, we remain in the midst of the most desirable vacation destination in the world!

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