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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Benefits of Buying a FSBO Home...The Truth About FSBOs Revealed!

[Disclaimer: If  you have the experience, buying or selling as a FSBO may be perfect for you. Notice the big "if!"]

As a real estate agent I am always curious as to why home sellers opt to sell themselves as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO - Fizzbo).  Most of the time it is to “save the commission” that real estate agents charge.  {By the way I have never had a FSBO acknowledge a real estate agent ever earns any commission.}

I saw a FSBO web site that said “purchasing real estate from anyone other than a real estate agent or broker is difficult. This myth is very far from the truth.”    FSBO sites want you to sell or buy as a FSBO.  

Remember: It is always the point of view of the writer that one must consider. As for me, I am a real estate agent who wants you to use me - full disclosure!

Again, buying from a FSBO may be perfect for you if you have the experience and confidence in your abilities.

The truth is 85% of homes are purchased utilizing the services of a real estate agent.  The truth is less than 15% of FSBOs succeed. If it were really so easy then the percentage would be higher!

FSBO sellers want to bargain from a position of advantage (as we all do).  The FSBO seller wants the buyer to be unrepresented.  

This FSBO site asserts that most of the complications in  real estate transactions are caused by real estate agents who are looking out for themselves...again the implication is that the real estate agent has no concern for the client which is false.{Look up fiduciary duty!}

Call me if you are considering selling as a FSBO or buying from a FSBO.  Call me so you are bargaining from a position of advantage or at least on equal footing! Call me with the address and contact information of the FSBO and I will contact them for you. As a buyer you do not pay me!

©Gary Waters, Florida licensed real estate agent, Century 21 Baytree Realty.

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