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Thursday, March 04, 2010

They’re All “Fixer Uppers!”

Ask any seller and they will tell you “my house is in good great condition!”  Another couple of responses I often hear is “its in move in condition!” and the old don't ask me too much position - "its in OK condition for its age!"

The reality is sellers see their home as a castle with a great view!

Another reality is...
buyers see your house as a shack!

My experience as a buyer's and seller's real estate agent is that one thing holds true…
buyers believe most all houses are fixer uppers when it comes time to make an offer!
Offer prices, as well as listing prices, must be reasonably consistent with the property condition. The lender is going to require an objective appraisal that takes into account the condition (good or bad) and reasonable sales nearby.

Real estate deals require the parties come to a reasonable agreement on the property condition as reflected in the final price.  Otherwise,  there is no deal!

Are you in search of a "fixer upper?" Call me!  After all, they're all fixer uppers!

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