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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Should Your Doctor Be Paid By The Hour?

Should a doctor make more money if he or she takes two hours to diagnose a cold?  Would you feel like you were short changed if the doctor only spent five minutes with you and sent you on your way with your prescription in hand? Some may I am sure.

Doctors are paid for what they know and the service they provide with that knowledge - not by how long it takes.  Besides, is your time not a valuable thing?

If you hire a real estate agent to market your house will you be upset if the deal is closed in less than 30 days?  Would you feel short changed if the first buyer prospect made a full price offer? 

After all, the average days on the market in the Brevard County Florida real estate market is about 110 days – almost four months!

I doubt very many sellers would be upset because their home sold quickly.  Remember, when you hire a real estate agent to sell your Brevard County Florida home you are hiring them for their knowledge and expertise - not how long it will take to sell your house!

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