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Friday, May 07, 2010

Cleaning for a reason… Helping Women Undergoing Cancer Treatment

This has absolutely nothing to do with real estate – except it does pertain to dwellings!  There is a nationwide effort by an organization called Cleaning for a reason to help women undergoing cancer treatment.

Their motto “We Focus On Your Home So You Can Focus On Your Health tells the story.

Women currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment may have a cleaning service provide free housecleaning once a month for four months while undergoing treatment.

There is an application process and, although they operate in multiple states, they can always use donations or sponsors (or providers).

Although they have providers in many cities in Florida a look at their web site shows only one company working with them in Brevard County - Bostwick Cleaning Service Inc.  

This organization is always looking for participating providers and sponsors...If you are in the biz, check them out!

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