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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Are Real Estate Prices Depressed or Where They Should Have Been All Along?

I love to listen the news networks and the talking heads who are of the mostly egocentric, condescending, arrogant ilk. The only thing they are positive about is they are positively correct.

Negative headlines are intended to get you interested. When I hear,or most often read, negative real estate news I wonder why all the negativity.

I wonder, is the real estate market really that depressed or where it should be and we don't like that fact?

Real estate is local. There are some states and locales where real estate prices have risen.
As for now, Brevard County, Florida prices continue to be depressed by 2005 standards with the average single family home selling for about $159,000 or so.
Are the prices really depressed or where they should have really been all along?

Time will tell. 

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