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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Selling Your House – Treat it Like a Job Interview!

Here is the scenario: Two guys show up for a job interview where their is only one position available.

The first applicant arrives 10-minutes early with a perfect resume in hand,impeccable dress, a smile, firm handshake and positive attitude.

The second applicant arrives a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, spilled coffee on their clothing, no resume, and smelling of cigarette smoke.

Who gets the job?  You don’t have to be a human resources expert to figure that one out but my guess is the first impression will go a long way toward this decision.

Now consider how this mirrors selling your house or condo?  Your buyer shows up and either your house is prepared or not. Ready or not, your buyer prospects are out front!

Like a job interview, your first 10 seconds will determine the mental decision on whether you are a contender or dismissed!

Take the time to be prepared on day one as you only get one chance.

Overcoming a negative first impression is almost always impossible!  And if you do overcome the negative start, it will likely cost you in a lower offer!

This article first published on Florida Homes and Condos For Sale, June 21 2010.

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