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Monday, June 14, 2010

Using The Old Bring the Teacher An Apple Trick To Sell Your House

I sometimes run across real estate listings where the seller's agent has included words to the effect of "$XXXX bonus for full price offer."

My response is almost always the same...."Overpriced....but can I bribe you?" That is probably an extreme reaction but you get my point I am sure.

The reality is all prices are negotiable. 

As a buyer's agent my job is to get my client the best price and terms possible.  If your list price was that price, then no bribe incentive would be required!"

Price a property at a point that will bring a realistic offer, and thus, negotiation! No extra incentive required!

Gary L. Waters PLLC, Florida licensed real estate agent, Century 21 Baytree Realty, Rockledge, Florida serving Florida's Space Coast including the cities and communities of Melbourne, Viera, Rockledge, Suntree, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach and the surrounding region. 

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