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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The “Who” and “What” Of Pricing Your House To SELL In Any Real Estate Market

Understanding the “Who” and “What” of pricing your house to sell in any real estate market is key to marketing your house or condo.  This will not be a long dissertation on the theory of market pricing. Rather, it is just a head’s up for folks looking to sell real estate in any market.

The truth - understand that selling is a competition - with winners and losers!  In a downwardly trending market losing this competition will result in losing real money! 

I know this is the same old song but it is a classic... buyers (the market) sets the price, you decide whether to accept that price!

I am not going too repeat any of the verses here but rather offer you these links to additional information on selling your house or condo.

Five Keys to Selling Your House
If Your House is not Selling
Days on the Market do not matter when Selling your House 

Who is your competition?  Knowing "the answer" to those questions will determine whether you win or lose in the competitive environment known as the real estate market. Good luck!

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