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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The “Best Approach” To Selling Your House With An Open House

Most sellers want their real estate agents to conduct open houses.  Most real estate agents know very few houses are sold at open houses although the real estate agent has a chance of picking up new buyer clients.

I have never been opposed to holding open houses. I have held enough!  But, just as in life, experience has taught me a thing or two about open houses.

Not all properties are suitable for an open house.  It may be a poor location.  It may not be in "show off" condition (curb appeal, repair state, cleanliness (this where I usually say "if you can smell it, you can't sell it" but I won't this time)!  The price may be so high you can't reasonably explain why its worth $100K more than the one around the corner!

If a property is a good target for an open house, this is what I consider “My Best Open House Strategy.” 

As a seller, price it competitively, make repairs, get it in the best condition possible, and advertise that first public showings will be at an open house on X date!

With marketing in place and all preparatory conditions met, you may just find that buyer during the listing's golden period. 

The first showing at the the first public open house with a good price - a potential winning strategy! 

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