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Monday, July 26, 2010

There is a "Most" you can get for your house - Get It!

Yesterday I was reading an article about product presentation, with its point being the same product in two different packages can result in a perceived difference in value.

Regardless of product or service, there is a maximum realistic price  (MRP) a consumer will pay for the product or service.

When selling your house there is the real maximum realistic price that it will appraise out at (if the buyer is getting a mortgage).  The lender will have a maximum they will loan the buyer on your house.

Factors influencing that price will include, among other things:
  • Recent sold properties in your neighborhood 
  • Condition of your house 
  • Age of your house 
  • Quality of schools in area 
  • Presence of crime 
  • Condition of neighboring properties
  • Number of neighboring properties on the market 
  • Number of foreclosures in your neighborhood 
  • Perceived value a buyer  places in your property  
It is up to you, the seller to present your product in such a way as to make the buyer want to believe he must pay that maximum realistic price.
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