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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do You Care What Your Doctor, Lawyer or Realtor Drives?

I was reading a quote by Dave Barry this morning that went something like "It is a good idea to "shop around" before you settle on a doctor. Ask about the condition of his Mercedes. Ask about the competence of his mechanic. Don't be shy! After all, you're paying for it."

Then I thought about your accountant, lawyer, dentist or even real estate agent.  Does it really matter what one drives?

My favorite vehicle ever was a 1974 VW bug.  I drove my 1996 Mercury Van for 13 years.  My 2003 Buick is working just fine.

So, should you care what your real estate agent drives? In a business such as mine where I work with folks relocating to Florida with families, seniors retiring to 55+ communities like Heritage Isle in Viera, its really all about practical transportation.

After all, I don’t judge a client by their vehicle choice!

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