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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Remedies....Sometimes You Just Gotta Call a Doctor!

Don’t you love the creativity of some folks.  One of the interesting things about viewing older homes for sale is the amazing skill demonstrated by folks who either want to (1) save themselves a few dollars or (2) who overestimate about their handyman skills!

Years ago I remember the old workaround for blown fuses (before circuit breakers) was to use a copper penny to complete the circuit (while at the same time disabling the safety mechanism!).

I have seen extension cords used outside for add-on exterior lighting.  The duct tape wrapped around the connection does not waterproof nor does it make it legal.
Disaster house
Recently I ran across a "screened porch" that had been enclosed, with a toilet added (picture lower left you can see the lid), a fiberglass shower in the corner and a mini-sink in a makeshift vanity…wow.   Makes for great sharing time!

I will post a picture here as this is a classic case of bad design, bad judgment and serious code violation  (of course the tax records did not reflect these changes)!

When you get ready to sell your house, it will likely be inspected.  These illegal repairs and less than professional makeshift home remedies will cause nothing but problems.

Do it right – even if you do it yourself!  Sometimes, you just gotta call the doctor!

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