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Monday, August 02, 2010

In a Competitive Real Estate Market Don’t Sabotage Your Own Deal…

In today's competitive real estate market a seller must do all the things they can to promote the prospect of selling their house or condo. 

What are some of the things that promote your prospects of selling?

  • Get it ready. Much has been written about proper preparation. Much has been said about making a good impression. Once it is ready - put it on the market!
  • Make it easy to show Reasonable access is the rule. Most buyer prospects are considerate of sellers. Expect that most buyers will be looking on the weekend.  If your probable buyer is a day worker, then they may want to see it in the late afternoon.
  • Leave when it is being shown.  Buyers need to fill at ease with a house they are going to live in! With you following behind them or eavesdropping, they are less apt to discuss its good points and even its deficiencies.  All properties have some negatives but that is not always a major obstacle.
Don't do all of the "right stuff" and still hinder your property's  potential for selling!

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