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Friday, August 27, 2010

Scheduling a Showing for your Melbourne Florida House Should not be this Challenging…

Real Estate Rule 1:  To sell your house it must be seen by prospective buyers.

Real Estate Problem 1: You are not having a lot of prospects visiting your Melbourne, Florida house for sale?

Why?  Your “showing challenged” house in Melbourne Florida is “showing challenged” for several reasons.  For example, I have spent most of Thursday afternoon attempting to arrange showing appointments for Saturday (two days away) and it has been a bit frustrating.

First, “no lock box on property and owner must be present” are a pain when you are showing a half dozen properties. I can give you a 30 minute window but an exact time….please!

Secondly, the office confirms an appointment then a call later tells me it has been withdrawn.  Why is it still in the MLS system?

Next, your real estate agent say "short sale bank approved” but he can not tell me that we can close in 45 days at list price. What did they approve?

My favorite…the office that has a virtual scheduler with no person…finally call the list agent. Let him do the work!

I did have to send an email for showing instructions.  No calls allowed.  Of course this was the most efficient method as an auto response came back with gate code and combo code for property!

Some other challenges include owner must be present for showing, list agent must accompany showings, weekend showings only, etc!

Jumping through all these hoops to show your property has given me a headache!  Unless your property is in the running, many prospects will just skip it and o on to the next.

I wonder how many prospects you have missed out on because of these special conditions.

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