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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Selling Your Florida Home is Work - Not Luck!

If you are considering selling your Florida home at this time, you need to take a hard look at the current market and realize that selling is work.  About five or six years ago, all it took was a sign out front! 

Homes in Viera and Rockledge, Florida seem to be spending an average of about 110 days on the market.  Considering it usually takes about 30 days from contract to closing, this means you will probably go about 80 days before agreeing on a contract.

This is a relatively long time for an actual closing so your time line needs to take this into consideration.  If you are planning to move, give yourself time for the sale to take place.

How long will it really take your Viera or Rockledge home to sell? That depends on several factors such as:
  • Location. Are you located in some of the more popular subdivisions and locations? In Rockledge that may be the Phillips Landing development or, perhaps, Ventana or Plantation Point. In Viera, it may Sonoma, Heritage Isle, Sunstone or Easons' Landing. 
  • Ease of Showing.  Buyers have many properties to choose from in this market so some flexibility in accommodating potential buyer is helpful. 
  • Curb Appeal. You have probably heard or read this before but it still needs repeating - if you can't get them in the front door, you can't sell them!  
  • Staging. Dazzle them once they are inside! Make them see themselves in "their" house! A professional stager may definitely be worth the investment even if only for a consultation! 
  • Clean. It has been written and said so many times - "If you can smell it, you can't sell it!"  Buyers understand you may be living in a property and they will overlook some things. But, they will not overlook filth! 
  • Pricing. It is simple....the price must be reasonable for the market.  Remember, the market sets the price - not the seller or the real estate agent! 
  • Negotiate.  Expect to negotiate. Homes in the Brevard County, Florida  market are selling for about 93-95% of asking price on average.  
  • Strategy.  Marketing in this environment requires a strategy - not luck. Exposure to the right pool of potential buyers is key.
When all is said and done, it is sometimes just plain luck It has been said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation or something like that. If all the things above are considered and acted upon, you will find that buyer...probably sooner than the average days on the market!

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