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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selling Your Viera Florida House: Listen to your house.

If your Viera Florida house is for sale and has been on the market more than a few weeks, it may be trying to tell you something.  Maybe it is time to listen to your house. 

What is your Viera house saying to you?

If you have had  no showings it is probably saying "Cooperate, make it easier to show and lower my price, will you?"

If you have had some showings but no serious second lookers, it probably is saying "I am a bit overpriced."  Or perhaps it could be saying "I need some attention. Maybe some new clothes (paint) and a haircut (lawn)."

If you have offers but no deals yet it is probably saying we are almost there...a little primping and maybe a tiny price reduction.

Your real estate agent is probably seeking feedback from your showings.  If they are lucky to get a response from a quarter of those seeing your house, that is good.  If they are getting any useful feedback....well that is rare.

The best feedback you will get on your house for sale in Viera, to listen to what your house is really saying to you!

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