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Friday, October 15, 2010

Every house has a price....Even in a buyer's market.

Your house will sell in this market.  Every house has a price - a market price.

As a seller your job (goal) is to:
  1. price your house competitively, 
  2. expose your house to the pool of most likely buyers 
  3. present your house in the most positive manner so as to accentuate its positive features.
The first two tasks can be done by finding the right real estate agent to work with you.  The third task can be done by you the seller or with the help of a home presentation specialist. 

In Viera and Rockledge, Florida call me to discuss how I can be your Realtor of Choice.  For the third task, I recommend a professional home staging service like Nora Marek of Suntree.

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