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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Low Interest Rates: Not the Reason to Buy a House in Florida

I just read an article that promoted low interest rates as the reason to quit renting and buy a house or condo.  Of course, it was authored by a gentleman in the mortgage business.

I recently read a comment that stated some are “not meant” to be homeowners.

I have read many articles (and written a few) authored by real estate agents who are promoting “this is the time to buy a house!”

But the reality is some do not want to purchase a home right now.

There are those who may be in a career path that allows them to move up the rungs in the career ladder quickly.  In this market it is probably not a good idea to purchase.

There are others who may only be in an area for a few years.  Or, if relocating to Brevard County, one may choose to rent for a year or two while they learn the area.   After all, a real estate agent will not (can not) “tell you the good places to live.

Only you can know the time to buy is right.  Your circumstances, plans, hopes and dreams all impact the decision.

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