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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Home Sales Rise 6.6% in September - Big Reason to Negotiate with Builder

I just read an article that proclaimed the government's report that new home sales in September rise by 6.6% in September 2010.  That is good news in a usually negative segment of the economy.

New home starts have been slow.  Builders have been waiting until the "buy order" to start most construction.  New home inventory is down as can be seen in any community.  

It remains a buyer's market.  In the Viera new home market the builder representatives I visit routinely tell me they will negotiate.

Buying a new construction house is like buying a new car.  The builder price is the "sticker price." 

And you know, nobody pays sticker price!

I have heard countless new home sales representatives quote how many thousands in upgrades "we will give you."  [Those are retail prices with expensive labor costs included I am sure - not the builder costs. ]

Builders in Viera, Rockledge, and Melbourne, Florida do not have a waiting list of folks with money in hand waiting for a chance to buy a house from them. Buyers are not camping out over night to buy as they once literally did in Viera, Florida!

If you are in the market for a new house or condo my advice is simple:
  1. Find yourself a good local real estate agent who knows the area. Remember the builder representative works for the builder, not the buyer!
  2. Negotiate the price downward!
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Parts previously published Negotiate with is expected.

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