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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brevard County Florida Real Estate - A 2010 Year in Review

As 2010 ends and the new year begins I wanted to look back over the year and point out some of Brevard County, Florida real estate blog highlights.  This was going to be a top 10 list from my blog Florida Homes for Sale but I soon realized that with over 300 posts in the past 12 months it may be longer. 

So here is part of one my top ten list... 

List to Sell Ratios - An easy indication of pricing efficiency and seller motivation.

Shopping for a house is not like shopping for a car. - There may be some similarities but the methodology just isn't quite the same.

Should you buy new construction or a short sale in the same development? - This can be a difficult issue for some buyers. New or almost new?

Mortgage Interest Rates - Don't let them creep up while you wait for the price to go down!

Do I need a real estate agent to buy a house?   - The reality is as long as the buyer is not paying the real estate agent, why not?

You can't negotiate if you never get an offer - As long as an offer is on the table and the parties are talking, it may just work out!

Give and Take - That is what negotiation amounts to! - This goes hand in glove with the above blog post!

Buying a house in six easy steps - Simplistic approach to buying your new Brevard County, Florida house!

Does Gated Community mean Secure Community?  - Gates are a deterrent to solicitors but what about anyone else?

Buyers Don't Care How Much YOU Paid For Your House! - In a declining market such as the Brevard County housing market, prices have fallen, inventory is high and distressed properties are everywhere you look.

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