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Friday, December 31, 2010

Do Great Slogans Sell Houses?

While reviewing the results of web site visits I noticed that again my blog on "Do great slogans sell houses?" written in February 2008 still gets a lot of visitors.  It remains a puzzle to me as for the reason this is such a popular post as there are so many others to choose from!

Perhaps it is because people really are searching for the best way to sell your house.

Everyone has a catch phrase it seems these days.  Whatever it takes to get your name to come up when they are ready to buy or sell a house in Brevard County, Florida - especially Viera and Rockledge.

Every real estate agent I know is number one is their own mind. To be successful, one must be confident.

So, do great slogans sell houses?  Of course not.

What will sell your Brevard County, Florida  house or condo?    Hard work.  Efficient, smart marketing.  Property promotion.

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