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Friday, December 24, 2010

Emotionally Evocative Words: Real Estate Ads To Make Buyers Want To See Your House!

In trying to sell a house it is important to use words that are easily understood as you never know your buyer prospect's background. Try to avoid using colloquialisms and slang.  Use easily understood terms so buyer prospects know what to expect when they come inside your home.

This morning I read an article  (Decoding Real Estate Descriptions) that offered some definitions for descriptive phrases used in real estate advertisements.  Presented sort of tongue in cheek these should help the home buyer more easily interpret the advertising.
  • "Handyman Special" or "waiting for your decorating touches" means that the place has been trashed. 
  • "Dollhouse" means that the home is tiny and the rooms are small. [Note: See "Cozy."]
  • "Well maintained" means that there have been no updates of any type.  The home may have been well cared for but the interior is very dated. 
  • "Move-in ready" may only mean fresh carpet and paint. The only way to find out is to go and look.
  • "Cozy" means small - period.
The author, Judith Abbott – an Addison, TX real estate agent, pointed out that emotionally evocative words are important to making people want to see your house.  In our MLS system the space is limited so I am more of a "just the facts" person.

Besides, one man's appealing may be another man's appalling!

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